Tag: suicide

You can’t destroy what isn’t there

if you’re the one that tiptoes into my room slips in notes under my pillow that say death is blessed more than life. It asks for you every day so why won’t you plunge? then I’m the one that slips in threats in the nooks and crannies of my brain

I cock the pistol pull the trigger

“KNEEL, DONT MOVVVVEE” Gasping through tears. The Nile flowing through my cheeks Pinned onto the bed. Both my arms bruised. Him thrusting himself into me. I’m too hazy to react. Too petrified. I pull back into reality by shaking my head, blinking long and hard. Beads of sweat slowly rolling down the

It’s on you

The letter directed only to her. In big capital letters FOR MOTHER. It goes like this: What’s the point in loving you when the effort it takes me to hate you can create another big bang? I have always wanted to hate you but as soon as your attention is

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