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What Do We Look Up To Them As?

Who am I kidding? they were already split  Love gone a decade ago but marriage somehow stuck between the routine … Continue Reading What Do We Look Up To Them As?


Do not fall in love

Its glorious cosmic dust for a fraction of a second and then a barbaric erupting star collecting its damage for a million years until you yourself turn to dust.

ones and twos

One breath shared between two Two hands bound into one The drawings on graveyards of stars he once drew The aligning rhythms of heart beats The ever so graceful curse with all its grey hues The reason Im so happy, … Continue Reading ones and twos

The nice guys

  they’ll sing you to sleep and play with your hair and then weave nightmares into your sleep, they’ll hold your hands throughout the day, never letting go, but sometimes they’ll hold a little too tight it hurts your bones. … Continue Reading The nice guys