Tag: heart

feed me your sorrow and I will swallow

i saw your melon head, the two scars on your scalp. i saw your hands, not holding mine. I so wished so. I felt your arms i drowned in your eyes. Yes, drowned swallowed your tears filling up my lungs and I coughed up, not your love but my heart,


was the only one that knew
how hard it is to live with a future so bleak.

Heavy heart

Its the curse of the sun and the moon. How they play around with our hearts. How very cruel. The sun leaves and the moon, between clouds, shines through. The sun leaves knowing heavy hearts will pour into the night with no ghost, no lover, no one to hold. The


My heart beats rhyme with her beautiful voice such a melody Eyes clung to the draping sun in the sky, desperately Her hands could never hurt hearts, though, they make music, incredibly If I could add anything to her, I’d give her wings and call her an angel I’d build

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