Tag: anger

2. Love and sanity

And that’s how we were are,
I’m sorry, thats how we were


Illustration created by Hakim El Haj    I’m always stuck on replay repeating my words over and over Do I have to say this again? Do not tell me to get over it I will grief my own life my own damned way Do not tell me to stop relying

she screamed

She screamed and shrieked at the sky, stomping her feet to the ground, flailing her arms; palms balled into fists about the air. She screamed until her voice was no more. Until her anger was no more. Until her screams turned into sobs. Instead of her body projecting everything outwards,


“HEY BE QUIET IN THERE” The guard wakes me up as he hits his fucking cane on my door. No one can ever rest in this God damn place. A sigh breaks through as I realize that I’m soaked in my own sweat. I’ve been screaming and tumbling in my sleep. Again.

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