Again and Again

It pains me 

That I’ve to hold you 

To pin you down to earth 

But still keep you above it 


Happy Birthday 

did you learn the art of drowning for someone?

Do you get better?

Yes, I grew tired Tired of your healing words The “time heals everything” crap Or “it gets better” But dear, I’m bound by the tight grips of soil Being wrapped up, held up, cooped up in the crevices of leaves It’s a matter of time, yes, Till it gets better

Collide: sex

grumbling  open  white   rather, pale pink  “You better sit tight, now  you’re on for a show”  oh, but I am  tall, golden, opulent  white feathered wings  black feathered tail  red hearted soul  tainted, sin red.  and then me grumbling open  bronzed  rather, sun-kissed  “I’m ready for it all”  oh,

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