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I was going back home, tired and flustered, competing against this colleague for a position in the firm but money always helps me win. I always have tons of it. This man approaches me, he’s withered and dirty, with an ashy … Continue Reading Greed



The Lemon healthcare company has the cure for cancer. A needle over the tumour and its deflated within weeks. Little to no side effects. “We can’t distribute it around!” Helena, the CEO rages. A vain on her forehead close to … Continue Reading Gluttony


          You never listened always wanted to be heard.


He’s always right. He has to be. It’s nonesense what he says but its “THE TRUTH” His words stumbled through with a … Continue Reading Pride

Treasure hunt

He held my hand to cross the street. My eyes were too puffy and the sun was too bright for me to speculate where we were heading. We end up at a coffee shop. A latte in front of me … Continue Reading Treasure hunt


“Maryam has gotten the Austin Martin she always wanted! took her a lot of savings” Huda speaks as my blood … Continue Reading Envy


“I want to be inside of you” I text. “be more specific ;)” I was midway into writing a descriptive … Continue Reading Lust

cloudy thoughts

  I’m so lost in thought. So preoccupied. I can’t think straight. I can’t decide on anything. I won’t leave the bed and I forced myself to write. I don’t want to listen to anyone or be anything. Except, be … Continue Reading cloudy thoughts

Angry letters.

Dear you; I thought we were one. I thought my soul was connected with all your beings. I thought if I cried you’d hear me. That when I’d come running to you, Thankful, you’d hear me, maybe smile by raising … Continue Reading Angry letters.


”Lets clean you up” Now, thats the gut-wrenching part. Having to look at what she’s done to herself. What he’s done to her from the inside that projected it all on the outside. I help her stand up and walk … Continue Reading pt3

You know that you’ll hurt me enough to make me hurt myself.