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I am not innocent

I believe everyone has God and Satan in them. I have done my fair share of horrid. I am not fully pure. perhaps, not all A good percentage of me is the creativity of Satan. I am tainted with coffee … Continue Reading I am not innocent



Okay, hey I thought I’d post something with a theme like usual but I am far too angry to think right. So, equilibrium. So, karma. Where the fuck is it? Unleash the devil in him let him beat me let … Continue Reading fuck


your own definition of love is created at a very young age, your parents usually have that role. His hands around my thighs grabbing me, him choosing my side, defending me. Calling me to play a game, rules of his own.  … Continue Reading Engraved 

It’s on you

The letter directed only to her. In big capital letters FOR MOTHER. It goes like this: What’s the point in loving you when the effort it takes me to hate you can create another big bang? I have always wanted … Continue Reading It’s on you


Rain; a bunch of wet droplets rudely hitting the surface of my face unannounced I always found it bothering, yet ordinary Accepting it would mean accepting wet hair being splashed by dirty water from passing cars dirtying the car after … Continue Reading Rain

I suppose it just drives me mad that people want me to work on it, they want me to just let it go but they don’t want to deal with the mess of hearing about it while I am trying … Continue Reading

The Obnoxious

DISCLAIMER This is not for everyone. It’s fucked up. I just wanted to see how far I can push it. Appalling, horrid, obnoxious. Yes. Obnoxious he is. The only thing God allowed me to produce was through me and it … Continue Reading The Obnoxious

Pick yourself up

What are you doing? Get up. I get you want to sulk but for how long? Get up. Your mistakes are not for you to dwell on them but for you to learn. You did something regretful. THAT’S GREAT! The … Continue Reading Pick yourself up