We meet at a concert or perhaps I visit your friends place and you’re there like you always are. Maybe by the beach. Maybe you’re right next to me in bed with no explanation but an arm around me tight, sweating under the blankets as usual. I’d flip them at


Compiled Book Review! Jan-May 2018

I’m bad at introductions but let’s state the obvious! I’ll review the books I’ve read in the first half of the year. I’ve read about 14 books and two I haven’t finished yet and will reread them for the next half.  These won’t be in order but with every book, I’ll

What Do We Look Up To Them As?

Who am I kidding? they were already split  Love gone a decade ago but marriage somehow stuck between the routine and co-dependance the need  We never looked up to them as parents but as lovers but now not even lovers so what’s left?  what do we look up to them

How I deal with panic attacks 

What helped lessen it and also control it were several things: 

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