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She told me I’ll always be okay after this

She told me everything will be okay after this new skin new person me she told me I will know hurt no longer but you fucking liar dont preach the hurt they will end up believing you witch I believed … Continue Reading She told me I’ll always be okay after this


My sun

Sunsets what’s in between light and night to witness its cliché of leaving us behind entrusting that we’d be fine … Continue Reading My sun


At fifteen I got my first kiss at seventeen I was touched below my waist at nineteen my virginity wandered … Continue Reading At


I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways – Rumi

Phantom Limb Syndrome

I wonder if they realize that it’s like being in a coffin six feet under, yet feeling every maggot that feeds off you, yet hearing the grieves of others and never fully understanding its magnitude, yet feeling rotten without them.

Diary excerpt

No matter how big we think we are, we, dispensable, selfish beings are truly an accident of cosmic birth.


How wrong was I to think that they needn’t a home?