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Subject 1: Acceptance, truest love

How does it feel to be abandoned? I mean, you can’t really- I mean how does it feel? It’s shit. … Continue Reading Subject 1: Acceptance, truest love


Phantom Limb Syndrome

I wonder if they realize that it’s like being in a coffin six feet under, yet feeling every maggot that feeds off you, yet hearing the grieves of others and never fully understanding its magnitude, yet feeling rotten without them.

Diary excerpt

No matter how big we think we are, we, dispensable, selfish beings are truly an accident of cosmic birth.


How wrong was I to think that they needn’t a home?


I don’t suppose I can feel the same way again in this life time. Perhaps, in another.

3. Loss and Insanity

as I tell you all this-
as I tell you this while my hands tremble,
while I turn 300 shades of red,
while your face is a complete blur from tears I shed
to what I’ve lost decades ago
Do you still wonder if I’ve killed my husband?

A Bitch to Write

Why is it that even after knowing about his ways I still find him whole?

She is Yellow

Cock the pistol
pull the trigger
she won’t die tonight
you can’t kill the sun
you cannot shoot its rays


They say cleanliness brings you closer to God