To begin with, I have a problem with doors, mothers, children and self-worth. They’re all love-hate relationships and I cannot rid myself of them nor love them all completely.

You see, open doors are unwelcome but once they’re shut I’m completely alone it is terrifying. All types of nightmares come from doors.

Mothers tell their underweight children that they’re fat so they move on the rest of their lives cutting calories and getting a size 10 even though they’re a size 6. They ingrain phrases in their little minds that it becomes their own. Wether terrible or wonderful. It becomes their belief system. “Life sucks then you die.” indeed it does. Same goes with children. I wan’t to love them unconditionally, protect them, but what if I ingrain phrases they never forget and it becomes their belief system?

“I learned how far I would go to seek the validation of men.” and once I learned that I never really went back but does it mean I finally see my worth? no.

I love a lot of things, like animals, people, flaws, fashion, architecture, books and history. I love outdoor activities like jogging or anything that keeps me moving. I’m extremely optimistic and insanely analytical it stops getting cute. I’ve been told that i’m blunt but I’d rather stick to “honest“.

This website.. It’s clearly to write. Mostly badly written poems with a big chunk of feelings. I don’t shy away from any subject and that, you’ll realize.

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