Category: someone else’s eyes


”Lets clean you up” Now, thats the gut-wrenching part. Having to look at what she’s done to herself. What he’s done to her from the inside that projected it all on the outside. I help her stand up and walk her to the bathroom, I look back  where she sat


Someone Else’s Eyes pt2

She looks up into my eyes allowing me to let in her pain. Her bloodshot eyes, the bags under her eyes. The red freckles she gets around her cheekbones from the continuous rubbing to wipe off the tears. Her hair, long and chestnut brown, drooping along her face. Her eyes

Someone Else’s Eyes pt1

I go into the house at about 2:07 am. No ones ever home anyways. Going in, everything is dark except for flickering lights of the wifi router. Hearing my own footsteps, I take my time climbing up the stairs. I hear thuds. Then loud banging. A shriek. My heart misses a

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