Category: murder

Dead and gone

I want him dead I want him gone  I want his limbs ripped by a midivil cartwheel  and his still living torso burnt to ashes  I want him gone  I want the thread of thought that  leads to him  get eaten by a tape worm  may a whale swallow him


It’s not always the one who strikes

I’m Noah, in juvenile prison. I was all over the newspapers with titles ranging from “Young Noah killed his own mother with cooking knife” to “mentally ill thirteen years old murdered his mother” Of course, until this day I despise being called a killer or murderer. Sure, I helped mom take

Rats in cans

I don’t have time for you I’ve got things to do catering for you is like taking out the trash you hate every part of it but glad you wont have to for another day I don’t like you – you’re a fucking rat I want to choke you with a

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