Category: Love related

to forget

Every meal you order from every chain food Restaurant The dimple on the side of your cheek your wins at sequence and how you’re somehow both a heavy and a light sleeper To forget When I nearly died and how its our favorite joke Cheesecake flavored Ice cream at the

A Bitch to Write

Why is it that even after knowing about his ways I still find him whole?

feed me your sorrow and I will swallow

i saw your melon head, the two scars on your scalp. i saw your hands, not holding mine. I so wished so. I felt your arms i drowned in your eyes. Yes, drowned swallowed your tears filling up my lungs and I coughed up, not your love but my heart,

First impression

Excitement comes with anticipation  anxiousness and the very first impression  The long talks on the phone before you meet gathers up tiny drops of sweat on your skin, scared you won’t live up to the expectation of what he heard on the phone  Worried you catch a trace of boredom

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