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Category: Love related

First impression

Excitement comes with anticipation  anxiousness and the very first impression  The long talks on the phone before you meet gathers … Continue Reading First impression


Again and Again

It pains me 

That I’ve to hold you 

To pin you down to earth 

But still keep you above it 

Phantom Limb Syndrome

I wonder if they realize that it’s like being in a coffin six feet under, yet feeling every maggot that feeds off you, yet hearing the grieves of others and never fully understanding its magnitude, yet feeling rotten without them.

A Bitch to Write

Why is it that even after knowing about his ways I still find him whole?

She is Yellow

Cock the pistol
pull the trigger
she won’t die tonight
you can’t kill the sun
you cannot shoot its rays

Do not fall in love

Its glorious cosmic dust for a fraction of a second and then a barbaric erupting star collecting its damage for a million years until you yourself turn to dust.


My heart beats rhyme with her beautiful voice such a melody Eyes clung to the draping sun in the sky, desperately Her hands could never hurt hearts, though, they make music, incredibly If I could add anything to her, I’d … Continue Reading Serenity

I hope

I hope she grows fascinated of the stars like I do. Of scientists and painters and Einstein. I hope her little feet would carry her so high she’d eventually need her arms to fly. Daring for ideas and never too … Continue Reading I hope