Category: letters

Letters: Do you still believe in God?

Are your lungs a reminder that no matter how you live 

he’ll still fill it with mutilated self-esteem, despicable men and yourself?



Letters to: Our Bus Driver

Dear Eejaz, First of all, I am sorry for calling you Ejaz instead of E3jaz for almost one and a half years that must have sucked, haha. I don’t know why I resonated in your mind enough for you to call your daughter Iman. But, thank you dearly for that.

Letter to/ my fav memories

Dear you, I won’t mention your name but if you ever read this you’ll know it’s about you. I’m writing to tell you that when the question popped up “who’s the one that gave you the best memories?” you’re what I thought of. The reason the memories will forever be

It’s on you

The letter directed only to her. In big capital letters FOR MOTHER. It goes like this: What’s the point in loving you when the effort it takes me to hate you can create another big bang? I have always wanted to hate you but as soon as your attention is

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