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Author: bruv

I write to thrive, apparently.

cloudy thoughts

  I’m so lost in thought. So preoccupied. I can’t think straight. I can’t decide on anything. I won’t leave the bed and I forced myself to write. I don’t want to listen to anyone or be anything. Except, be … Continue Reading cloudy thoughts


Angry letters.

Dear you; I thought we were one. I thought my soul was connected with all your beings. I thought if I cried you’d hear me. That when I’d come running to you, Thankful, you’d hear me, maybe smile by raising … Continue Reading Angry letters.


”Lets clean you up” Now, thats the gut-wrenching part. Having to look at what she’s done to herself. What he’s done to her from the inside that projected it all on the outside. I help her stand up and walk … Continue Reading pt3

You know that you’ll hurt me enough to make me hurt myself.

belittle (shade)

Strange how you place me in hell when you’re merely just another person that would stand before God read for filth, Humiliated. Not knowing where God would rather have you in. Funny how you use Social media for your use … Continue Reading belittle (shade)

Once more

A lot have expressed depression in forms too true to be written. So I’ll skip that part. I am, in a way, depressed. No urge to elaborate. Would only like to add that its perhaps the 15th time I relapse. Only … Continue Reading Once more


I don’t ever complain about having to distract myself because as soon as I’m alone i can’t do anything but let my soul gut itself out of me and have it screech and tear apart everything i deny Its hard … Continue Reading thoughts


My heart beats rhyme with her beautiful voice such a melody Eyes clung to the draping sun in the sky, desperately Her hands could never hurt hearts, though, they make music, incredibly If I could add anything to her, I’d … Continue Reading Serenity

I hope

I hope she grows fascinated of the stars like I do. Of scientists and painters and Einstein. I hope her little feet would carry her so high she’d eventually need her arms to fly. Daring for ideas and never too … Continue Reading I hope


I think of her every day.   The way she eats salad. A sloth can eat faster. The way her hands are so small it felt like a toddler held my hand. so soft yet firm Her happiness so wild, acute, … Continue Reading Her

ones and twos

One breath shared between two Two hands bound into one The drawings on graveyards of stars he once drew The aligning rhythms of heart beats The ever so graceful curse with all its grey hues The reason Im so happy, … Continue Reading ones and twos