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Author: bruv

I write to thrive, apparently.

why I like to read

it was the only attention I was given



was the only one that knew
how hard it is to live with a future so bleak.

How to pretend

How to be pretend to be happy:  You build a good posture, a dandy smile and you laugh a lot. and I mean a lot so people think they can never hurt you. Befriend the easygoing and never anyone as … Continue Reading How to pretend

Do you know when I really thought I was crazy? When I thought I was delusional and that everything I said was a lie     It was when I put my foot down and flashed a light on the … Continue Reading


I’ve written a vague book about my miseries I’ve written and rewritten my past somewhere else about 3 times I’ve told 10% of my story a lot I’ve scarred and burned myself on purpose I’ve asked help from the countless … Continue Reading I’ve

Why and Roots

The more I grow up the more I realize that the roots of my past are not just inches long but meters and kilometers. The more time passes on the more I recollect more hands that weren’t my parents. The … Continue Reading Why and Roots

Something Certain

for I’ve found my souls soul
down the meadow into the valley
that is your heart
now that, I know for certain