Author: bruv

I write to thrive, apparently.

Skies of South Africa

The smell of the beach is what I miss most. The hotel I was in was a couple minutes from this very cold water and its like that all year round. I couldn’t feel my toes after a second of dipping them in. The hotel is called Atlantic Beach Hotel


Ink and dad

I don’t know why I think of that day endlessly. The room empty, soon to be mine. Just me and that correction pen. The sheer curiosity that ended with confusion. I’d shake it and hear a ball inside, a voice like ticking. Is it really a ball? Why is it

What was wrong with me?

it rains in my presence constantly
because the sun can no longer look at me
you can no longer look at me

waters of Oman (032019)

This is the first post of my travel series! I travel too much not to talk about it . So, here it goes. Oman. When I first tell people that I went to Oman for the weekend they jump to the conclusion that I remained on land. That wasn’t the

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