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to forget


Every meal you order from every chain food Restaurant

The dimple on the side of your cheek

your wins at sequence

and how you’re somehow both a heavy and a light sleeper

To forget

When I nearly died and how its our favorite joke

Cheesecake flavored Ice cream at the beach

skittles and vodka

noodles at midnight and Rupauls drag-race

You blistered hands

To forget

The deafening silence before your storm

the deafening silence after my storm

your utter silence most storms

To forget

The days I kept saying ‘I’ll leave this time’ and haven’t

the day I screamed for the first time in the car

the day I started raising my voice

the day my body grew sick of my mouth again and again

To forget

weeping over a fallible silent man

To forget

the pain of a hundred daggers

To forget


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