Skies of South Africa

The smell of the beach is what I miss most. The hotel I was in was a couple minutes from this very cold water and its like that all year round. I couldn’t feel my toes after a second of dipping them in. The hotel is called Atlantic Beach Hotel and it’s not recommended. A firm no. Though, it was great, waking up in the morning and waking up to the gentle wind and cruel cold water.

I stayed in that side of Africa for three weeks. I paraglided, did the craziest zipline (it was intense), went to Boulder Beach, known for its large penguin colony and much more.

There is something about that country that I really can’t put my finger on it. It resonates. I came back different and I don’t know how exactly. Table mountain was the most enchanting I believe. If you do visit the country you should see it and only be there when its cloudy. Thats when its most beautiful. I cried the majority of the time on the mountain. I couldn’t fathom anything as glorious. Being within the clouds. We did this silly thing, where the clouds looked so thick and dense we tried to have a taste of it. Weird I know but I had to do it. There are these small animals that roam about the surface and blue beautiful birds. I wanted to stay the night there.

What was also fascinating was that at night everything was dark but the sky wasn’t. A bunch of diamonds and chunky glitter you could almost touch it.

The sunrise was a burning color of desire and need. The sunsets were purples, pinks and blues that get more intense as the sun leaves our side of the world.

The skies. It’s its skies that make me miss the country again.

If you want a touristic place with nice vibes and good restaurants then any area near the Silo District will be a great pick. There you have my favorite restaurant called The Yard. Their Steak is the best I’ve had in my entire life and I wish I was kidding. Their food in general is to die for. I don’t think I ever had bad food there. Also this place called the water Canal. It has a great mall that Ive been through the majority of my stay there.

Regards to safety; It’s not the UAE. You have to be cautious from pick pocketing and don’t stay out alone at night. You know, logic.

If you’re looking for adventure and good wine this country is it.

Watch the whole video please. It took me forever.

Tiny note: All pictures were taken by me.


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