What was wrong with me?

Did you get bored? 

is it because I whine too much? 

did I get too fat for you 

or have I become completely obscene to look at? 

Do I snore in my sleep? is that it? 

or maybe because I ask for mountains when I really think they’re grains of salt?

Did I ask you to move mountains for me constantly? 

was it tiring to be my lover? 

and now you want to bathe in gasoline 

to rid yourself of me? 

was I that much pressure?

is it because of all the drunken nights where I was unbearable?

or my sober stupidity? 

maybe it was because you had time on your hands 

and I am always so far away 

maybe you have patience for someone else 

and your hands long for skin that isn’t mine 

for someone that isn’t me 

But your palms are my favorite parts of you 

and now I find that my skin burns your very essence 

and that I am vile 


too fat 

too absence for you 

It rains in my presence constantly 

because the sun can no longer look at me 

you can no longer look at me 

I am no longer your moon 

nor, a fragment of your universe 

and I cannot find the reason why 

and its killing me 


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