waters of Oman (032019)

This is the first post of my travel series! I travel too much not to talk about it . So, here it goes.

Oman. When I first tell people that I went to Oman for the weekend they jump to the conclusion that I remained on land. That wasn’t the case. I’m mostly 20 meters underwater when I cross the border of Oman.

My Sister and her driver buddy checking out cool Lion Fish

The jest of it is: Eating, diving and sleeping. That is all that was happening.

But in detail; a bunch of people decide on a diving trip together where they get a liveaboard ship, in Oman it is called a Dhow. And we live aboard that Dhow for the weekend.

you don’t have to be a certified diver to join the trip. You can join for a tan, a change of scenery or kayaking. I’ve done it all.

Now, here’s what to note at this time of year; it’s cold, so jellyfish roam about and you do get stung frequently. I did not mind one bit as they are adorable creatures but it does get irritating. I was also dared to jump in the water at the roof of the ship so I was stung various times. (Cute little nibbles) . Also, because it is winter, you can drag your blanket and sleep under thousands of clear stars with the soft breeze cooling your face. There is nothing really like it.

As regards to diving, I think I’ve done 4 out of 6 dives. And yes, I’m a pussy like that. But honestly, I physically get tired of holding so much weight and being under the sun for too long that I end up exerting myself and running out of oxygen faster than everyone else and that’s just not fun.

I’ve seen stingrays, Eels, thousands of jellyfish, a huge sea horse and plenty of lion and stonefish

I’ve gone to Oman to relax and I came back to the UAE with a positive easy mind that I didn’t think I was able to do on such a small trip.

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