Dead and gone

I want him dead

I want him gone 

I want his limbs ripped by a midivil cartwheel 

and his still living torso burnt to ashes 

I want him gone 

I want the thread of thought that 

leads to him 

get eaten by a tape worm 

may a whale swallow him whole 

but even then the whale would lose its appetite 

may he get thrown in a hole 

with his mouth scotch taped 

and his hands melted to a thread 

so its bell would ring and ring until 

It does no longer

until I pronounce his time of death 

may he leave me alone 

may he fear me 

may he wake up with a pool of his own fluid 

terrified of seeing me 

with eyes shut 

may they always stay shut 

I had wished over and over 

that the noose he’d had around his neck 

did actually 

snap him dead 

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