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why I like to read

we’re seven children fighting for attention

either by skipping school

breaking things

or stealing cars

I got it by reading.

I found a children’s book in the home library

climbed upstairs

into my mothers bedroom and I read

She always used to kick me out

but this time she didn’t

she let me read

so I came the next night

with the same book and continued reading

but then it finished and I had a sinking fear she’d never let me in the room again

so I found a 500 page book

and it took me two years to finish

She listened sometimes and sometimes she’d let me while she was on the phone

or talking to someone else

but allowing me to read was the only attention I got and damned it i read every night

that book finished so I found another and this time it lasted a year

she then gave me books to read alone

but she thought of me enough to buy one

and that was the attention I needed

Every time I read now, regardless of where I was

it was like my mother was next to me giving me the love I only knew

the only attention I was given

and that is why I love to read


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