How to pretend

How to be pretend to be happy: 

You build a good posture, a dandy smile and you laugh a lot. and I mean a lot so people think they can never hurt you.

Befriend the easygoing and never anyone as serious as you. They’ll never ask you what’s wrong or worry about you. The talkers are great too, they don’t shut up so you never have to speak. just listen. 

Drown in your job, overwork yourself so no one, even you, will have time to see how miserable you are.

stay in a state of denial. The midnight wailing, and sudden irrational fears, the long nights of barely any sleep. They’re all your hormones. Maybe you lack vitamins? 

Tell yourself that therapy is overrated, that you’ve got your closure. That your heart doesn’t hurt as much anymore. But it does. It’s even bigger and the more you’re older the more you remember 

The biggest tip is to stay quiet at all times. No one wants to know you’re in pain. No one wants to hear you cry. No one wants your terrible past to be brought up. jeez. Shut up. “You didn’t have to tell me that” 

Do it for as long as you can until you can’t

So once you’re found in your own pool of blood they will all remember you as a happy, accomplished fucker that never quite had a settling smile. 

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