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Do you know when I really thought I was crazy?

When I thought I was delusional

and that everything I said was a lie



It was when I put my foot down and flashed a light on the truth but every single being saw it as the teeth of a foul monster. That I was this child that wanted to ruin a family with my mouth.

Every single person said it was a lie. Untrue. but they werent there? They said it isn’t possible. They shunned ME down. they took me places to get me checked. They took pity on the child that said words that werent becoming of her.

No matter how many times I said it. How many times the obvious truth was. to them, it was fabricated. I lived like that for so long that eventually, I believed them. I believed that I was crazy. That I didn’t go through anything hard. That no one hurt me. That I wanted the attention and I wanted to be sick.


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