Compiled Book Review! Jan-May 2018

I’m bad at introductions but let’s state the obvious! I’ll review the books I’ve read in the first half of the year. I’ve read about 14 books and two I haven’t finished yet and will reread them for the next half. 

These won’t be in order but with every book, I’ll say my opinion and rate them from 1-10.  Note:  I am an amateur reviewer. I don’t say things in detail I just put what I feel so I’m sorry if advanced if it felt lacking. 

Another note: I curse. a lot

The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante

Rating: 5/10

It’s not that I didn’t like it. The way she writes makes you feel everything intensely but it felt dragged out. Now I understand that that’s perhaps what she wanted to do but it wasn’t memorable for me.

Now, the book Frantumaglia: A writers journey. Is a book of her reflections, letters, and interviews. That was enchanting and I was mesmerized by the way she thinks. Everything in that book is quotable.

The Art of Racing in The Rain by Garth Stein

Rating: 10/10

The book had me on an emotional rollercoaster. A lot of the times I’d stop breathing in anticipation of what’s next. It’s about a dog’s life and damn it. It ruined me.

To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

Rating: 8/10

I remember it was my favorite book when I was 14 years old but now that I’ve reread it I’m still impressed and I can tell why it’s an important book. However, I felt like it was missing something. The end was amazing, I won’t say spoilers, lol. The character developments were also bomb. I don’t know, I’m not as attached to it as before. But can’t wait to read her other book.

Love Her Wild by Atticus

Rating: 6/10

A little-overrated poetry book. A lot of his stuff is quotable for sure. A lot tattooed his words. I love his book layout. It’s outstanding. I hoped for more. Something more than two-dimensional meaning. Nonetheless, it was targeted to the right people.

Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson

Rating: 10/10

I’m giving this a full rating because Walter Isaacson is my favorite biographer. The way the history is narrated and all the information in order and concise makes me happy. Einstein’s life.. well. I read this when I was younger and I looked up to him but after reading it again I want to stab him a bit. It’s worth a read, though. Biographies are easier heard than read.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Rating 10/10

DONT WATCH THE MOVIE. It belittled the book in every aspect. This book is my bible, I would memorize it if I could. There’s a quote that I carry with me “Humans haunt me.” Enough said. You need to read this if you haven’t already.

Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

Rating: 9/10

It’s a psychological thriller-ish type thing. I died. the first half of the book you go like oh this is fucked up but I can deal with it. The second half you go like am I reading this correctly. oh, my god. and then ……. you end up finishing it going like what the actual fuck.

The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

Rating: 8/10

Great book. I felt that it carried me with it during its journey. It’s not my favorite way of narrating nor is it my cup of tea in a genre but I enjoyed it.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Rating: 5/10

I kept saying let something happen, let something happen, and it never did.

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides


Rating: 3/10

the only reason I give it a three is that I loved seeing the perspective of teenage boys describing girls. The book as a whole though? I find no meaning. Nothing. It frustrated me beyond belief. I was so angry when I finished it.

Kafka on The Shore By Haruki Murakami

Rating: 8/10

It’s worth a read. Confusing at first but it opens up to you like a blossoming sunflower. It incorporated everything I love in a book. Trueness, good history, connection, awe and what the actual fuck. I still don’t understand it but I’m very okay with that and I can’t wait to read more books of his.

Inflourescence by Mecca-Amirah Jackson

Rating: 7/10

It’s a self-published poetry book but its so polished that I have tremendous respect for her. A lot of her poems just hit me, some I wished she’d put more soul in and some hoped they’d explain what I’m feeling. I am proud of her as a fellow writer. She also published a new book called Night-Bloomer. It’s on Amazon so please do check it out.

for Inflorescence click here.

Why a Poem? By Bird

Finally, me. I’ve published this book on February and took about a year’s effort and pain. Am I proud of it? Yes. Could I do better? Definitely. It was the first to test the waters and they were quite salty, haha. I do like what I’ve written and I hope my words reach out to more people!

Find it on Amazon

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  1. Mecca_amirah says:

    you are the best! I love the blog-so detailed and well organized. anyone can tell you put so much effort and time into your blog <3 and that you had fun while doing. Keep on posting, you are doing a great job 😀

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