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Did She Ever Try To Kill Us?

Was she the slut she always called me?

introducing the hub of her misery that everyone mistook for lust
Did she really not expect a pumpkin seed
to grow to have a beating heart after men ran their fingers through her hair
as her nails dug into their backs

Was it too late for her to dislocate her misery/lust from the extra limb she grew but never wanted?
was it too late to dig her nails into herself to drag out the life that mistook misery for love?

How many months did it take her to understand that it stopped being a seed and turned infant?
How many tools did she thrust in her to claw it out?
how far did she go?

How many of us did she kill?

I know I survived
but I would rather dislocate from her body-her misunderstood misery/lust

Than cut her open only once as I pushed out of the place I desired least

I never cut her again

But later then,
the infant with too many cuts
that child that had pneumonia and almost died countless times
I was the whore with closed legs

that was forgotten


the child that mistook her mother as a hub for love

we all know I was only fed misery


Photo by Silvan Mahler on Unsplash


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