Something Certain

This has been a collaboration with a fellow writer/illustrator/musician Hakim

It has been joy

you could say the past is fine evidence of facts,
that love is factual amongst two,
work is just statistics and ants that do their jobs
even though not fond of it

it’s just a job.

but every past has more than one story.
altering its evidence in peoples eyes
love is between two hearts not minds
so never mind certainty
and never count on facts in jobs

and as I was a functioning human
gold teeth and a curse for that town
were all in my mouth
only I don’t know how they got out, dear
and if you look at me
like a gull takes to the air
I was happier then
with no mind set

with certain uncertainty
life is as you live it by and by
the curse found its way out of my mouth
down the street called my tongue to the avenues of my lips
and there I go living with known fear, my dear
of waking up every day purging
the straight mortality I know nothing of

it is all so very simple
and horribly complex
we’re suffering a thimble and
there’s nothing coming next
only if you only approve
life to distract you
with your body far
and here’s your soul, near
for my feelings
it could be the half
do I need to define mortality?
when I miss your smell 

and wonder about heart!

you see, my dear
my feelings my emotions they all come from you
down the valley of your heart
passed the meadow of your lungs
found its way in the air and I am
with lungs filled with the scent of you
and love not only known by feelings
but known in soul
oh! I know nothing from honest facts
but that curse
blessed the curse
for I’ve found my souls soul
down the meadow into the valley
that is your heart
now that, I know for certain

something certain 2

Both illustrations in those posts are done by Hakim 

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