First impression

Excitement comes with anticipation 

anxiousness and the very first impression 

The long talks on the phone before you meet gathers up tiny drops of sweat on your skin, scared you won’t live up to the expectation of what he heard on the phone 

Worried you catch a trace of boredom or 

An I don’t want to see you anymore

You’ve become less and less appealing

once you finally find the time to lock eyes, wonder obviously about the taste of their lips

How their tongue would swerve.

the true meaning of their voice 

The hidden message in their laughter/smile

Worried it’d be the last time you touch skin because your voice didn’t meet the expectation

My curiosity of how you kiss has been fulfilled but I haven’t

But then they want to see you again

But no they need to see you again 

Because your kiss has left me aching for it to stop because it was too good but I need my poison 

Because your skin stitched up mine and I’ve been okay ever since I’ve met you

And your voice doesn’t do your angel justice

And so it begins. 



Photo by paul morris on Unsplash

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