Again and Again

I’ve failed you again, 

It seems

Saying the wrong words 

Losing your trust

My chest has turned cold 

Without your cries 

It’s my fault,


It’s my fault

I can’t get it right,

It seems 

Will you cry to me again?

I wonder…

And if not me



But the vacancy of your room? 

It pains me

It pains me 

That I’ve to hold you 

To pin you down to earth 

But still keep you above it 

I’ve failed you 

It seems

Losing your trust

Will it ever be mine again 

Will you ever be fully mine


Did you drive okay that day

Or did you have to stop the car

because you couldn’t see the road? 

Like last time? 

Did you drive with tears blinding you?

Rage fueling you? 

Because if you did 

then I’m mad at myself 

For doing this to you 

For failing


It’s what I’m good at 

It seems 



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