Happy Birthday 

Happy Birthday 

Another day 


where life isn’t fair 

and your presence is 

anywhere but here 


So many questions to ask


how do does it feel 

to age and still be filled with fear? 

Do you miss me? 

it doesn’t matter 

though, do you think of me? 

that does 


Doesn’t matter if your heart wrenches or skips 

but does something when my name is said 


Do you still lie to yourself the most

or are you over that?

Do you still loath?

you underachievement’s I mean? 

it doesn’t matter

though, did you learn the art of drowning for someone?

that does 


doesn’t matter if you do drown or swim back to the top 

it does that it happened 


Happy birthday 

I’ll love you with your presence 

I’ll love you without 

I’ll love you if you love someone else 

and I’ll love you every second you are gone 

– brown skin 





Featured image: Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

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