Letters: Do you still believe in God?

Tell me

Did God laugh when you tripped on the crack in the sidewalk and your pride fell? 


Did god embrace you when your one true love 

stole the paradox between your legs

Not only violated you but left you in the dirty ally of your subconsciousness

Did God love you then? 

Did God wipe out every memory of your mother beating you? 

Pounding you with untrue words 

Tell me 

Did you think of God when you got into your first car accident 

Or were you scared shitless he’d drag you to hell?

Tell me

Is your breathing a blessing 

or his will was to suffocate you with every breath you take?

Are your lungs a reminder that no matter how you live 

he’ll still fill it with mutilated self-esteem, despicable men and yourself?


Now, tell me

Do you still believe in God? 



 Photo by Nicolae Rosu on Unsplash

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