My sun

what’s in between
light and night
to witness its cliché of leaving us behind entrusting that we’d be fine in the horrors of the dark until dawn
I’m not a fan of sunsets

rather, the rises
The rise,
it’s majesty brought back its light
ever so powerful
shines its way into our lives
the rise easily conquers our downed moods
its highness
without his appearance,
day wouldn’t be pronounced
without his going and leaving time wouldn’t be pronounced

and then you
my divine
my precious
my light

My sun


You’re ever more cruel when you leave
I won’t find my way until you’re back
warming up my back with your rays
If you set and I fail to see you then I fail.

When you rise you pronounce my days, I start it
You set, I end it.

You are more wondrous
My sun

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