4. Pity

This is the fourth part of a series I’m making, to read the previous

the first Introduction

The second love and sanity 

the third loss and insanity 

The matter with beings is that, regardless of the facts, we get distracted with emotion.

I am convinced she killed him not
certain, in fact

That she’s ridden with misfortune
that God considered not
her prayers
but shut her up
with a designated grim reaper
that is all,
her only fault.

oh, what a pity to place the already lonely in a pit
what a pity, indeed

I took the recorder and wiped a tear or two
that fleed
How do you feel about Gods’ greed? he caged you, misplaced you, has done the most to you, do you not want to upset him too?

God can do what he pleases with me she said he is everywhere. You can’t avenge him. He certainly can’t be caged as man can.

I thanked her for her time and she smiled
it’s what I’ve been cursed with,

As I walk across the street and to my car
as I get in and put on the seatbelt
as I drive on
I wept until I saw, with no bars on its doors
my home

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