The illustration was created by Hakim El Haj 


The thing about wings..

The thing about wings is that it is always attached with a metaphor; freedom. We presume that they leave when they pleased, that because of its bracing and embracing air it had no need for gravity, that at any inconvenience they can simply immigrate.

There was complete, utter, almost obsessive faith in that metaphor for me that I no longer thought of birds as animals, but Gods.

How wrong was I to think that they needn’t a home?
How absurd was I to believe that they relocated where ever and whenever they pleased?

The fear of going home yet still going is also the same with birds.

How illogical to think otherwise.


They fly, so what if they fly! we walk because we are grounded. If we’re free by constitution or sexuality we are still unfree, like bitches, we’re still chained by gravity.

Birds are just as such. They could defy gravity but nothing else. Bound by the only physics they know, like us, they can’t be Gods but like bitches, are also caged.


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