Possessions transform in their meaning, their elements.
Persons as well, they’re shaped then reshaped. They’re of clay after all. With the same mass but every 7 years they shed unknowingly to something completely different; in mind, skin, texture, feeling.

I no longer know what it feels to touch you, when I do, you’ll feel a difference, as well as I. The bundles of feelings caused by you are distinct. I don’t suppose I can feel the same way again in this lifetime. Perhaps, in another.

You no longer weaken my legs from your presence, they’re held firm by gravity.
Cannot be shaken by no possession, no other person but gravity.

My ears can no longer distinguish your voice regardless of how loud it gets.
Your sound waves or too weak to be heard.

I can’t carry on writing this for, to my dismay, I am unable to recognize these new bundles of feelings. They’re fresh, new, though powerful, I, myself feel weak.

I do know that for the first time in living in this world I am unbound by your chains. Your words, strikes, attitude, no longer have meaning to me, for I, am new.

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