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She is Yellow


She is the fine sun
She is fall leaves,
she is egg yolk,
She is fresh lemons and sunflowers

She is the sun that never leaves,
The warmth that I need

Cock the pistol
pull the trigger
she won’t die tonight
you can’t kill the sun
you cannot shoot its rays

she won’t hit the floor with your bullet
she won’t set because of you

The sun cannot stop in its path except by God

God has done it only once and won’t again until the end of time

cock your pistol,
pull your damn trigger
she is the sun that comes even if she refuses to

I haven’t the slightest idea why I feel so light and bright
around her, whereas she loves the dark

She is yellow balloons
she is bananas
she is golden crisp fries
She is a canary
She is my sun

So, shoot if you please
she won’t die tonight
She is my sun that never leaves
my sun only sets for me
even if she refuses to

So, do what you please



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