Love Letter To Myself

Like I wrote in the previous post I Am The Mountain, I discussed that I had written a love letter to myself that I thought was personal but then again, I have written about my life in detail so why stop now?

I was smiling while reading this so I hope you do too
P.s change my name Iman to your name


Dear Iman,


I am in love with you.

You shine.

A supernova, a fusion of energy.

You got this

You empower me every day.
I am alive because of you
There is worth to you
love to you
love and worth for you

Iman, you are a Goddess, the earth, the big bang; Complex, breathtaking, cold.


I am in love with you

You are worthy of healing
more than this debris
dust it off

You are the mountain, capable, lovable, and an achiever.
your fusion of feelings made you who you are
Iman, you made dust bunnies monsters
Dust them off

Iman, you will be a beautiful, protective momther. You will be-no, you are the greatest.

I am in love with you
I am proud of you
I believe in an angel that is you
You gorgeous piece of ass
You are purity
you’ve been pure since the day you took your first breath



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  1. sandrita says:

    well this just made my day better 😀

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