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I Am The Mountain


I am the mountain
not who climbs it.
There are no struggles to overcome,
I wouldn’t call them that.

Dust bunnies

I’ll dust off my shoulders and walk on by

They are minuscule compared to me, the giant.
They have no place in my heart,
no place around me and no place behind.
I am too big to carry anything but myself.

I’ll dust off my shoulders and walk on by.

For years, I have made up metaphors of climbing this mountain/hill that is my past where I trip and fall but climb back up.

Yesterday, changed it all.
Mom suggested I go with her to a special yoga session where all women who went through abuse came together for it.

I didn’t think much of it except that it would be nice to stretch since I haven’t for a while.

I’ll tell you how it went;
Just to let you know it was for two hours

my favorite part was next

So, this whole two-hour process made me realize that the struggles I am going through are minuscule compared to how big I am in the world
I had a fear of being a mother but now I’m ready to be what I call a momther
I am the mountain,
I am pure,
I am myself,

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