Scrub the floor, wipe down the windows, keep it squeaky clean,
the bathrooms and bedroom.
Have the dishes cleaned and dried.

They say cleanliness brings you closer to God

That’s Mayas’ answer once someone asks her the reason for sanitizing her phone after every use.
Or when she washes her car every day,
or why she always carries detol wipes, a towel, a dust mask, and sanitizer.

Why can’t we ever come over?

There’s no room for dirt at my house, she’d say

There’s no place for dirt on her body either,
she’s got a metallic loofa to scrub her skin with hot water twice a day in the shower.

Cleanliness brings me closer to God
That’s what she’d say to herself when her skin starts to burn and turns red,

or when her hands turn rough from how dry it is,
or when she’s lonely because she has no friends to converse with, no pet to care for and not even a plant to water.

Scrub off the skin, wipe down the body, keep it squeaky clean,
the feet and hair.
Have the face cleaned and dried.


It is my religion, she’d say.

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