Scared of The Blank Page

I don’t fear living nor death.

I don’t fear physical pain because my soul is always on fire.

My soul is always on fire. 

Never turns to ash but forever lit since the day I took my first damned breath into this world.

I fear one thing;


The blank page I have to fill, I have to feel.

I have to feel.

I understand you get bored of my creative ways to project everything God-awful I feel.

It doesn’t end.

I’m fluent in English, Arabic, and pain

and pain is a universal language

deeply hidden but there, everywhere

I walk and just as much as you can tell how short I am you can also see the flames of my soul, the pain in my eyes and the whisper of a scream in my laughter

The blank page

The fear of feeling in order to produce a whole meaning of acceptance or love

I don’t fear to trip on my feelings or typing it I fear feeling it.

I’m a writer but I can’t explain the never-ending river in my mouth

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  1. One of the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read💜

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