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I Write


I write to force the readers to feel pain for at least the little while it takes to read my stuff. I write raw material as a reminder not to forget.

My fingers eject the words and I don’t think twice about it. I just write.

I wrote mostly for readers but since I started writing every day I started understanding who I am, what pain concentrated in me and why I can’t let go.

Everyone knows that I’m fun and very relaxed once they meet me but my writing tells a different story. A story I’d rather write about than utter with my mouth.

I now write for myself.

I write for my own salvation.

So, as I try to write everyday bare with me. Some will just be bad, some meant for me so it won’t make sense and Some superb.

I will write until I can personally call myself a writer.

I still guarantee that you will like it.

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