You are the home I was trying to run away from. I ran away from it physically only to realize I’ve fallen in love with the human version of it.

I saw timelessness

I didn’t believe in marriage but I believed in us I even named our children. I held you dearly. I have loved you furiously. I have kept to this relationship harder than I should.

It was like an hourglass. It will end sooner or later but the grain still counts.

The haunting part was that I saw dark days alone even though you were talking. The problem is that you didn’t see a problem with the noose around my neck. You didn’t realize I have one step left to take for it to send me off to God.

The problem was barely materialistic. It mostly felt like kissing a figurine. Loving stillness. Loving death. I don’t know. I just know that the carelessness was unordinary and the neglect outweighed the said words I love you

I hate sorry’s. It’s not really an apology until you stop doing it.

You kept doing it then throwing sorry

it was repulsing

nerve wrecking.

At the end of it I hated you

I hated loving you

I hated myself for giving you my heart

I hated my self for splattering on the concrete when you didn’t even jump off

it takes more than an I love you and even that wouldn’t do anymore.

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