Do not interrupt

Do not interrupt

Stop defending yourself before I even start the accusation. I’m not here to shift the blame I want to tell you I’m fragile.

I don’t want to be attacked I want to be held.

Do not interrupt me when I’m crying or yelling. I don’t cry because you hurt me but because I’ve been hurting for a while and I need you to sing to me. I reached the limit where you stopped listening so now I have to cry for you stay silent but your ears are still deaf.

Do not interrupt me when I pour acid into the air.

Do not stop me when I talk because it already hurts to pull out the stitches on my mouth.

It is not a game of who wins the argument. It’s not a game at all.

It is my fragile heart you chose to hold. It is my sanity you promised to keep.

You’re too quick to snap but a snail is faster when its my turn to crack.

Do not get angry at me even if its my fault because recently my tears are 15 years old, they cry not from the present but from my past.

I’ve not been 22 since I was 15 and when my buddy is gone its as if all the stars I prayed to never existed.

As if Orions belt is dead.

Do not interrupt me when I talk, my words are ash, too overdue to say. It’s rash to say to you but you promised to hold my fragile heart.

You’re too good to interrupt my sleep but a snail is faster when it tries to soothe my fears.

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