What​’s your weakness?

Both on the round wooden coffee table, sitting, naked facing each other.

He refuses to look at her embarrassed by the answer that will come out of his throat

I’m insecure

Insecure. She looks at him from his golden locks to his worn out sketchers. He’s one of those that God created when happy.

What makes you so insecure? She asks, genuinely curious.

still studying the wooden table, I’m not what anyone wishes for

It’s not for you to decide, is it?

surprised by the reply but, it happened more than once! the rejection! His arms flung to his sides, his eyes threw shades of pain.

bravery, she thought. He’s brave enough to show her the pain.

Why do you portray rejection as something so evil? Why does it scare you?

He took too long

She sighs why do you give them the power to validate you? Were you that unloved by your parents?

Blunt, he thought. He wanted to get angry, make a scene and leave but they did decide to be both bare physically and emotionally.

I’m dumb, unattractive, unmotivated and unsmart. I deserve to be unloved

Growing impatient But God sees you beautiful. You’re smart enough to survive but dumb to think your illusions are real. Don’t lose your heart on needless ideas

Fine. What is your weakness?

kisses on the nose when I’m asleep

dismayed why?

because I can’t return the love they show me

And if they don’t kiss your nose?

I’ll leave.

So, I have realized that not many people understood the last part.

kisses on the nose when I’m asleep- means he loves her even when unconscious without asking for anything in return.

and if they don’t kiss your nose? I’ll leave- means shes needy for love she can’t give

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  1. I love this so much

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