Skeletal wings

It was the time I had to part ways from the demons that I came to know I’ve always had wings but never a big enough fire in my heart to use them.

The first day I asked for wings I got them. But had no idea it weighed nothing at first. It got heavier when it grew. I always thought that the older I got the more I had to carry on my back.

it was true.

Only I thought the weight I carried was the chaos brought by my presumed lack of wings.

It was the cause of it.

How silly to wish for something you already have?

Silly, indeed.

I’m a cold being, I was never raised by fire, I never knew it.

Bravery wasn’t my thing

I never knew heat and that is exactly what I needed to raise my wings up and leave.

The day I had to part ways from the demons was the day the last feather on both my wings fell and there was nothing left but its bones.


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  1. […] I know when I drive her home sometimes she looks at me long enough it’s as if she’s drawn butterflies on my body. Butterflies slowly opening and closing their wings. […]

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