Mommy, Daddy

You called me a liar

Mother, he touched me when I was a child

Do you even care?

I am your daughter. Am I not?

Mommy, daddy. He hurt me badly. You laughed it off.

“Come on let’s play, pretty pretty child.”

Why are you patting his shoulder? My hurt was bad. Was it not?

Mommy, I told you I was raped, I feel dirty.

I am your daughter. Am I not?

You don’t care. strapped down by your denial.

“Come on let’s play, pretty pretty child”

I am screaming, no one hears me.

The stench of death is stronger than your brownies, mommy.

Daddy, I never see you

You’re so tiny behind mommy

Momma said you never cared

Do you even care which hand he touched me with?

Do you even care how long it stayed there?

I am screaming, you don’t hear me.

Daddy, I cry all the time.

I tried to kill myself. You laughed it off.

“Lets play a little game pretty child, reach out your hands like this”

Mommy, daddy. You made me believe in hell. Not in heaven not in God.

Hell right here. Our address.

Called me a liar.

Mother, father. In denial

Oh mother,

Oh father,

Poor child.

3 Replies to “Mommy, Daddy”

  1. aj says:

    heart broken by your words huni.

  2. […] push drove me over because she cried true tears about her damned life curious how it could happen to someone like her. Talking about it boils my blood. She ruined so […]

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