Okay, hey

I thought I’d post something with a theme like usual but I am far too angry to think right. So, equilibrium. So, karma.

Where the fuck is it? Unleash the devil in him let him beat me let them see maybe they’ll understand. Maybe, they’ll pat his shoulder again and say atta boy.

The politics of this household nourishes the strong and abhors the weak but I’m not weak. I just cannot speak. I need you guys. Fuck.

What is it to me that you don’t like? He was an accident too. Fuck, he fucked up everything. I did everything. He ruined the balance of the house or maybe it was me but I blame him. I just. I don’t know. Fuck

What do I have to do to be loved, held? To get my part of the equilibrium. Why is it also me that wants his satisfaction?


What did I do wrong, I know i was the accident of the accident. I know you wished me dead plenty a times. I did too but please why is it that my suffering is less than his even though he is not the one with an imaginary wandering hands gliding over his skin.

Fuck this

Why is it that the one with the wandering hands gets loved?

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