Letters to: Our Bus Driver

Dear Eejaz,

First of all, I am sorry for calling you Ejaz instead of E3jaz for almost one and a half years that must have sucked, haha. I don’t know why I resonated in your mind enough for you to call your daughter Iman. But, thank you dearly for that. It surprised me at most.

Look, there was something about you that made me want to make you smile at least once a day. I saw you twice a day throughout my high school years. That was plenty. You came here to find a job that will help you save up enough money to get married. I was a tad jealous when you had to go back to her because then you’d leave us. She’s as beautiful as I’d hoped she’d be by the way.  I know your little Iman is just as gorgeous as you are very handsome yourself.

The first few months of you driving us everywhere, the company still didn’t pay you and that stressed you a lot I could tell. But what was amazing is that the day they did, you got bags and bags of chips and candy to celebrate it with us. I can’t forget that day, your smile or the fact that you thought of us.

There were a lot of memories in that bus that I cannot forget and probably won’t mention. Funny times and dramatic ones I hope you don’t forget them either. Thank you once again as you also made me smile once or twice a day. That’s plenty.

It’s weird that you have a meaning in my life. I think? but I am grateful for you somehow.  Thank you a thousand times over. I hope you got what you needed when you were here I hope you are better off now.

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