Letter to/ my fav memories

Dear you,

I won’t mention your name but if you ever read this you’ll know it’s about you. I’m writing to tell you that when the question popped up “who’s the one that gave you the best memories?” you’re what I thought of.

The reason the memories will forever be printed in my brain, mind, and soul is not that of what we did; it is more or so because I held you so dearly, it felt like a protective blanket.

When we’d blast Say when by The fray every single time we were together. That was always a significant moment in my life that I don’t think I can forget. Your laugh is also unforgetful.

Dear you,

Thank you for loving me a tad more than I loved you. No one ever felt that for me. Thank you for understanding my words and staying quiet when I’d cry. Thank you for being the only one that could ever know what my heart ache ever felt like.

I am sorry for what had happened between us but then again I don’t regret it because you seem so happy and I don’t want to ruin it for you. It pains me to lose you as I will never have someone like you in this lifetime again but at least I got to spend every memorable moment with you.

I love you in this lifetime and the next and the next. ’till I can no longer carry the weight of two.



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