I was going back home, tired and flustered, competing against this colleague for a position in the firm but money always helps me win. I always have tons of it. This man approaches me, he’s withered and dirty, with an ashy beard, barely any teeth and a stink only the dead could identify. His voice husky and his eyes are pleading. I usually don’t stop but he was about to cry so I decided to listen to him. He was an alcoholic who lost his family and what not. Truly sad, a nice distraction. I don’t know what he expected but there was no way I’d give him the money I earned for him to spend it on beer or even anything else for that matter. My money only goes for my benefit and my benefit only. I huffed after he cried “CHEAP FUCKER” when I wouldn’t take my hands off my pockets. Tough luck old man, I’ll be going to my rich apartment while you continue to whither on the cold concrete.

It’s not actually my apartment, but I’m a lawyer so I know how to manipulate a situation. Including my divorce. I couldn’t have let her take the better apartment, theres no way! I turned her life upside down, I even threatened to take the kids just so she could fall in the trap in which she did of course “TAKE IT ALL JUST GIVE ME FULL CUSTODY OF THE KIDS” She screamed on the phone one morning. And thats how I got everything and she ended up with the kids I didn’t even bother to ask about.

I have a solid belief that everything I want is always where I want it. I get what I want and if I don’t then I’ll ruin a life or two until I get my hands on it. I also believe that if no one is of help then they’re disposable. Lets take an example: My friend Myra wanted my help in a case she was involved in but had too little money. I had to refuse. We never spoke again but I couldn’t give a damn! How dare she just assume I’ll sacrifice my pay for her own needs! Though, I did help one friend out in a tough situation only to trap him to gift me his private jet. He couldn’t say no because, after all, his fraudulent life was in my hands.

Always think strategically, always be alert.

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